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  1. Carson Wentz, during his MVP season, won against the following teams: The Redskins, Giants, Chargers, Cardinals, Panthers, 49ers, Broncs, Cowboys, and Bears.

    None of these teams were playoff contention teams. In fact, they most of them were pretty sad.

    He lost against The Chiefs and Seahawks, two pretty good teams.

    This trend continued this year. Against easy teams, Wentz won. Against average to great teams, he lost.

    Personally, I never did care for Wentz. I wanted too, but he just didn't have that long ball accuracy that, no real pocket presence, and he wasn't clutch. Against New Orleans, that was just bad altogether. His play was horrible but when he came to the sidelines in the 2nd quarter and throwing water bottles, red faced, that's was it for me. Leaders don't do that. After that, Jenkins threw his helmet, flipped off Sean Payton. Alshon Jeffery was throwing his helmet. Nick Foles brings a clamness to the locker room. He just holds the locker room together. Wentz doesn't.

    Something has to be said about a shrine being built to Foles in their locker room.

    Something has to be said about Fletcher Cox saying after the Ram's game "Thank god for Nick Foles."

    Something has to be said about Doug Pederson and Nick Foles conversing on the sidelines about calling plays. I don't see Wentz and Pederson doing that.


    Eagles need to keep Foles, trade away Wentz. They will get a few #1's for Wentz plus a nice veteran.

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