Should Nova’s Jay Wright Go to NBA?; “Millennial” Josh Rosen; HOF Slander | Out of Bounds

On today’s show, 2018 NFL Hall of Fame inductee Terrell Owens is back to chop it up with Gilbert Arenas and the #OutofBounds boys. With Villanova routing Michigan in the NCAA Final to win the school’s second title in three years, the crew asks if Wildcats coach Jay Wright should leverage his success to jump to the NBA in “The Pull-Up.” Plus, the crew discusses if one-and-done is still a winning strategy, and Gil talks about not shaking Duke players’ hands after losing the 2001 final. Next, OOB takes a close look at the NBA players in the 2018 Basketball Hall of Fame class. Does everybody belong? Gil doesn’t think so, but his case for his own induction into the HOF may surprise you. In “Fair or Foul?” the team weighs in on former UCLA football coach Jim Mora taking shots at his old QB Josh Rosen, disparaging millennials and players with outside interests while discussing his draft prospects. Gil and T.O. discuss the different approaches NFL and NBA coaches take to free-thinking players. Finally, the team tackles new Raiders coach Jon Gruden sending a “message” to his team by cutting standout punter Marquette King, another expressive individual known for his entertaining antics. T.O. is perplexed but Gil has a theory about the coaching move. Plus, Gil introduces Pierce to his imaginary wife, fake Rihanna

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43 thoughts on “Should Nova’s Jay Wright Go to NBA?; “Millennial” Josh Rosen; HOF Slander | Out of Bounds

  1. Ray Allen is clearly a hall of fame player.
    In his days with the Bucks, Ray Allen was an all star level player almost every year he was there. Gilbert Arenas has no business stating who should be in he Hall of Fame

  2. So….not for nothing….I enjoy TO giving the football side of thing….Gilbert holds his own as a character (no diss) and his basketball IQ. I am curious what the show is going to do when the NBA is over….summers are so boring. I don't want the show to slump…but keep TO… I know it is a lot of guys but this line up is effective and flourish.

  3. Speaking of Ray Allen's shot, THIS ICONIC SHOT, he made to save lebron's ass that (probably gets him into the hall of fame), if you ask a Lebitch fan it was all lebron that got them that title when infact Ray Allen saved his ass. Without that shot there is no title. Same with Kyrie Irving's 3 pointer but everyone wants to talk about this Iconic block lebron had. Without the 3 pointer that block doesn't mean shit cause they lose.

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