Simon Pegg Confirmed a Popular Star Wars Fan Theory About Rey

The story JJ Abrams set forth in Force Awakens opened up several mysteries, one of them being who new hero and Jedi Rey’s parents were. Considering both Abrams penchant for mysteries specifically ones centered around identity and destiny, and the fact that pretty much every Jedi protagonist we’ve seen has been a Skywalker or some other reputable family tree, many assumed we were in store for a big reveal. Was she also part of the Skywalker bloodline like her nemesis Kylo Ren, who’s Leia’s son? Maybe she had some relation to Obi-Wan Kenobi?
Nope. As Rian brutally had Rey learn bluntly via Kylo, Rey’s parents were nobodies. They didn’t leave her on the desert planet Jaaku to go pursue some grand mission or keep her safe. They just traded her.

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49 thoughts on “Simon Pegg Confirmed a Popular Star Wars Fan Theory About Rey

  1. 1st if you thought anything Ryan Johnson did in this movie was good you are not a real fan and you should never do a star war segment ever again. They should scrap The last Jedi act as if it never happened and let JJ have 2 films left to do. Other wise with Leia being gone " God rest her soul" there are major holes since she is the only one left from the original films. They will have to do time travel and now Asokia's story is one of the only arcs that people want to see other than Ryan Johnson murdered but that may be the only way Disney could get the money he has cost them by Pay Per Veiw his death. Ryan Johnson destroyed so many peoples hopes of a good film that stayed true to the original concept.They have already said this will be another trilogy and I guess it will be based on the little slave boy with force powers at the end of the last Jedi because they have no where else to go.

  2. Abrahams was the producer of TLJ. Personally I doubt Rian and JJ. never spoke about Rey's heritage. I think Abrahams stands behind Johnson's descision about Rey's parents and won't make any changes in that area of the storyline.

  3. listen…i am not the biggest fan of Last Jedi. but at this point, he might as well go with it because to “reverse it” yet again would just fuck up the continuity and believability of the story

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