Smokepurpp Fans Chant ‘F*ck J. Cole’ During Concert

Smokepurpp fans aren’t too happy with J. Cole. During Smokepurpp’s concert at Atlanta’s Buckhead Theatre on Friday, the crowd broke out into a chant directed at the Dreamville MC: “Fuck J. Cole” they shouted, as heard in published footage.

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21 thoughts on “Smokepurpp Fans Chant ‘F*ck J. Cole’ During Concert

  1. Honestly if you don’t know who smokepurpp is you listen to mainstream garbage like drake and shit ,smokepurpp has been a top dog on SoundCloud and has made songs with most of your favorite rappers and has helped lil pump start his career as well as be his best friend he has co signs from Kanye West and migos he’s pretty good his music is awesome but not lyrical he was also a beat maker who publicly started the whole distorted music and cracking bass style…..

  2. Smokepurpp is only growing currently. Lil Pump is growing every day too, but people who support these two ignorant crackheads are stupid. Wanna get addicted to drugs they encourage? Go ahead. Want to follow J Cole where he speaks facts? I’d take that way. Fuck Pump and Purp.

  3. How lame can you be? Butthurt over a track explaining your life and future? Lmfao… Nobody even knows who he is. TF! And it wasn't even a diss record. If his dumb ass was listening, he would've got the message and took the advice. But these new niggas be on xans and can't function. He won't last.

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