Snapchat Brings in Domestic Violence Expert After That Awful Rihanna Ad

Following the massive backlash to Snapchat’s offensive “Would You Rather?” ad that asked users to choose between slapping Rihanna or punching Chris Brown, Snapchat has reached out to the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) and invited a member to join the app’s board. TMZ reports that a NNEDV representative confirmed the app contacted the network on Thursday.

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39 thoughts on “Snapchat Brings in Domestic Violence Expert After That Awful Rihanna Ad

  1. Snapchat was stupid anyway…unless you're a fuccboi that sends and receives nudes like a bitch cause you don't get money and make up for it by trying to get laid as much as possible…..pathetic niggas

  2. Domestic violence is never ok, but let’s not forget Rihanna was beating Chris ass while he was driving a Lamborghini. If you’re a man and your girlfriend is punching you in the face while you’re driving, you’re gonna smack the bitch too

  3. Tbh Snapchat just don't give a fuck anymore. They don't listen to any of the critisms but instead make the app even worse. Instagram stole a lot of the features but did a better job than Snapchat 😂. Only reason I keep Snapchat is for the nudes, and group chat. Instagram is always bringing out new updates with new features.

  4. "This isn't about my personal feelings." Foh bitch, Chris beat the shit outta you and you still had the audacity to say that it's not about your personal feelings smh

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