Snoop Dogg on Kanye West: ‘There’s No Black Women in His Life’

“I hate to be black and white, [but] there’s no black women in his life,” Snoop, when asked about West’s at-home support, said around 14 minutes into the interview. “Let’s just keep that 100. That’s real, man. I got aunties that’ll pull up with them big ol’ church hats on [like] ‘N***a, what’s happening? What you on, nephew? You bullshitting. We taught you way better than that.’ It got to a point where it was, like, it was funny then it got sad.”

Noting how “instrumental” West’s late mother Donda was in his life, Snoop urged the women in West’s life to “look into getting some help” for him. “Remember the music that he was making when she was here and the spirit that he had?” Snoop said. “That’s gone now, and if you never lost your mother, you don’t understand that feeling.”

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25 thoughts on “Snoop Dogg on Kanye West: ‘There’s No Black Women in His Life’

  1. Snoop needs to shut up! His ass said at Nipsey's funeral that every black guy needs a strong black woman but soon as his ass shoots a music video he's putting all exotic foreigners in it. Why not put the strong black women in his videos then.

  2. Where was Kanye West’s Father? He needed that masculine energy in his life to check him and guide. If he did had that Father figure in his life, he wouldn’t be acting this way. Snoop is only coming from a Matriarchal mindset because he was raised by a Single Mother.

  3. Shit color doesn’t matter
    If a bitch is fucked up
    She’s fucked up
    Childish gambino has a white girlfriend with kids and ain’t acting like a fuckboy
    Kanye is a grown ass man
    And he should be held accountable for what the fuck he does

  4. “Set him straight” yeah thats what the liberal community do when ANYONE tries to have a different opinion, they make it look like an Absolute sin. Yall tripping. Look in the mirror to see who the real bigots are

  5. Why does he need a black woman in his life…? This is the problem, everything is regarding RACE. Can’t he just live his life and if you don’t like it, DONT PAY ATTENTION. Geez, y’all are stupid at complex.

  6. Hey, if Unc Snoop said it,
    You has to take it.
    He is right though…
    Everyone aiming at Kanye for his puzzling comments,
    But no one figured out that
    After Madam West passed away,
    He was never alright…

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