Snubbed? Why Drake’s ‘Scorpion’ Wasn’t Nominated for the Grammys “Rap Album of the Year”

Drake has already established himself as one of the pillar in Hip-Hop but despite his legacy; The Grammys decided against nominating his latest project for “Rap Album of the Year”.

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26 thoughts on “Snubbed? Why Drake’s ‘Scorpion’ Wasn’t Nominated for the Grammys “Rap Album of the Year”

  1. Scorpion was bubble gum rap/pop infusion made by a ton of ghost writers by Lyor Cohen, and the other Luciferian baala/moloch worshippers
    Drake was and is a cupcake and the biggest poser since vanilla ice

    He's busy on thot patrol and being a deadbeat dad; it's a full time job ignoring his butter faced, pornhub oily ass softcore pornstar, baby momma
    And didn't he name his kid after shoes or something? Like Adidas?

    All you Drake stand just deal with it.
    He got thst L even the Satanic record label heads can't force the people to like his trash. Even tho the advertising on scorpion was on billboards in my city*

    I was like, "GAAAAAYYYY

  2. it wasnt nominated because even the people in charge of the grammys thought it was a trash and rushed piece of work drake used to impress me now it just seems like hes gravitated more towards money and views rather than creating a classic album

  3. Why does this channel try to hype Drake up and act like Scorpion wasn’t a boring filler album? The nominees were honestly almost what I expected. But Scorpion wasn’t anything special, it definitely wasn’t Drake’s best work, it wasn’t an improvement from his last album, and half of the good songs were singles we already heard.

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