Someone Unsuccessfully Tried to Order From a Starbucks Drive-Through on Horseback

Usually, when you’re making your way through a Starbucks drive-thru, the last thing you expect to see is a horse, but apparently, this is a thing. Recently, Arizona teen Aspen Cline tried to bring her own horse through a Starbucks drive-thru on her birthday to get Frappucinos for herself and a friend, and whipped cream for their horses, but was turned away, according to ABC 15.

“We weren’t given any reason — just, ‘We can’t take your order,’” Cline told ABC 15 about the incident. Though, it’s easy to imagine that a Starbucks barista likely doesn’t come across too many horses casually going through the drive-thru, the official corporate policy states that the drive-thru is “for cars only.” A spokesperson told ABC 15 that accommodations can be made ahead of time to but the barista was simply “caught off guard” when they said no.

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37 thoughts on “Someone Unsuccessfully Tried to Order From a Starbucks Drive-Through on Horseback

  1. Weird that’s this came up yesterday I tried to order of a drive thru with no car like around 11pm literally no cars Starbucks was closed and I was just tryna get some starbucks and they were being dick heads

  2. The reason they don’t want anything but cars in their drive thru is for insurance reasons. There is usually a sign posted telling you this. When I worked at McDonalds there were several times that we turned away people on foot or on bicycles in the drive thru.

  3. I girl I know on Facebook went to Starbucks the other week on her horse I remember seeing the pictures I didn't think nothing of it I guess it's a social media trend but there's nothing new with people riding their horses around town even in cities

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