Sony’s PlayStation Classic is Perfectly Honed Fun

Complex News’ Hanuman Welch tested out the new Playstation One mini console and ranked some of 100 games installed. Does it still hold up after twenty years?

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37 thoughts on “Sony’s PlayStation Classic is Perfectly Honed Fun

  1. It might be one of or the best retro console sure but that doesn’t mean it it’s a good console lol, game lineup was extremely disappointing and definitely it’s not worth the money

  2. The Sony PS4 is a great piece of computer power. Not just a gaming platform. Also great for streaming video. Aside from 1 or 2 glitches, mine has worked flawlessly for a bit less than a year and a half. Very well built. I bought mine new on sale. I upgraded the hard drive with a 1 TB Firecuda drive and it flies. Runs a tick cooler than the stock 500 GB drive that came with it.

  3. Consoles are ruining gaming, don’t believe me look it up on Reddit lol. Anyways instead of spending 500$ on a new console, plus games and all extras, you could build a pc that’s way better than any console. Consoles are a joke tbh

  4. I'm one of the few that got that metal gear edition ps3 that allows me to play all ps2 and ps1 games 🙂 I also own a ps2 classic with the online capability and HDD in it

  5. $100 for 20 games which I can assure you probably won't like all of them, it's a rip off. Pair that with the fact that you're stuck with the OG PS1 controllers (yes no analog sticks) and that you can NOT download more games it's a hard PASS. Sony was really banking in on gamers nostalgia with this one, I'd strongly advise against buying this. I'd rather buy a PS2 to play PS1 games or better yet use an emulator on your computer, it'll probably look better and I'm sure there'll be a way to use PS4 controllers.

  6. This the first any only positive review of this flashback so I don't believe it. Everyone else it is sluggish and looks bad. No duel shock… better off getting a ps2 with backwards compatibility

  7. This system is trash I would not waste my money on it. Tekken 3 is sluggish and is one of the 9 PALS on the system. Your review is so off I am wondering if sony paid you all off.

  8. This is how you know complex is just feeding to the hype on things. Disgusting. This product is absolutely ass. Better off getting a psvita or an old ps3 and play any ps1 and 2 games.
    Cmon guys don’t fall for this trash. How you going to have someone who doesn’t know much about games promote this. ASHAME

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