Sophia the Robot Can Walk Now So We’re All Doomed

Her legs were made for walking, and that’s just what the humanoid robot Sophia plans on doing. The Hanson Robotics invention named Sophia, which (or is it “who”?) debuted in 2016, now has legs created by robotics company DRC-HUBO. According to CNET, Sophia can now walk at 0.6 miles per hour, compared to the human average of 3.1 miles per hour.

Before being able to walk, Sophia found many other ways to integrate herself into our human world. The robot has appeared on several talk shows and was featured on the cover of Elle Brazil last year. Though we can still outrun Sophia, the robot has a Twitter, which our POTUS has proven time and time again is way more powerful than being able to walk quickly. She also dressed up as a Jedi for the latest Star Wars film, which is fascinating considering her creators still can’t seem to find her a wig.

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27 thoughts on “Sophia the Robot Can Walk Now So We’re All Doomed

  1. Right on young dude. There really needs to be a serious committee in place to discuss the various outcomes from AI and what we should and shouldn't do. Two things bother me in this scenario, 1. How we humans have chosen to deal with differences so far. 2. A sentient beings need for meaning and respect.My personal feelings about this is we're headed for a civil rights movement that will either humble and cultivate humanity or bring us to our knees in a ruble of war a pride.

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