Soulja Boy Slams Kanye, Says He Created Nicki Minaj’s Twitter

Soulja Boy, aka Young Draco, linked with Complex’ Speedy Morman to discuss his influence on hip-hop. He talks about creating Nicki Minaj’s twitter account, sh*ts on Kanye West, and explains how he’s responsible for Drake, Lil Pump, Chief Keef, Famous Dex, and many more.

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47 thoughts on “Soulja Boy Slams Kanye, Says He Created Nicki Minaj’s Twitter

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    Whatever Mr. Combs has come up with, is an original product with its own intrinsic quality!
    Likewise goes for Kanye however with your gaming console it's not even yours!
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  5. If I had the success n fortune that you guys have..I wouldn't give a damn bout trashing another person.. especially a black person..y do we do that if the black artist put their heads together they could take over…I wish I could do what Soulda has done …to hell with Kanye n everybody else

  6. I am not a Soulja fan, I think he is just trolling. But I can see where he is coming from.
    This is a dude who blew up using the internet, and now you have a bunch of crap rappers doing what he's doing only better. Now the spotlight is on them, and he's fallen out of grace and can't be taken seriously due to a weak discography. I'd be mad too.

  7. OmG! I love this nigga! Soulja Boy Tell Em ain't never lied and I love the love he has for the ones before him who paved the way. Nd his hair looks awesome. Soulja Boy Swag Drip!

  8. After watching his recent interviews e.g. breakfast club etc
    Spoke to my friend about soulja bit and all the shit that he said he did and then found out that he didn't lie one time…my friend didn't believe me at all…Next day he called me and like me he said that soulja is a low-key OG!! And that's true…he smart and did things before others did…so respect is due to him!!! Big draco keep doing what u do and fuck the haters…make them hate even more…👍🏽💯

  9. Waited to the end of the interview only to hear the same new world order propaganda thrown at me by another controversial entertainer, it was funny tho, can't wait to see how his agenda roles out while jay z and beyonce go to hell where he will join them later.

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