STAR Joins the Everyday Struggle Crew, Did Drake Diss Akademiks? | Everyday Struggle


On today’s #EverydayStruggle, the Everyday Struggle crew announced the legendary STAR as the new co-host of the show before jumping into topics on Drake’s new music, XXXTentacion comparing himself to Tupac, Kodak Black getting arrested, and much more.

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50 thoughts on “STAR Joins the Everyday Struggle Crew, Did Drake Diss Akademiks? | Everyday Struggle

  1. Damn Y’all didn’t Love this???(Looking @ Dislikes). Star was and still is the Goat. Today I see AK has learned a lot from him because he’s clearly the “New, younger version of Star. Salute to AK for Bossin’ up on these Clowns. Btw I still watch Star and he Credits AK and Joe all the time. Nedeska was cute but was the biggest hater

  2. You Ak Not Saying anything Relevant Get Him Off the Show 🤦🏿‍♂️ He tells you what he 👂🏾 N O T The Faxts ❗❗ Smfh Y'all hired a F A N 🤣😂😭😭❗❗

  3. If You not doing a Documentary your a Wiredo❗❗ Ak Is Getting O W N E D❗❗ F o H Starr On yo Head❗❗ Ak wanna Be Friends wit the Rappers 🤣😂😭😭❗❗

  4. I love going back to this episode I'll never get sick of it lol especially 51:00.. Star gave Ak a lifetime lesson really. Ak will apreciate this asswhooping in the future. It was for his own good in a way lol

  5. why does this video have so many dislikes, i found it entertaining. Plus Akademiks is the one whos being a douche not star. Star defiantly had the way better points

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