Steph Curry Cooks Rockets; Gilbert Arenas on Nick Young Wearing Hibachi Shoes | Out of Bounds

On today’s episode of #OutofBounds, Gilbert Arenas, Adam Caparell, and Pierce Simpson discuss Steph Curry finally catching fire, scoring 35 points as the Warriors humiliated the Rockets 126-85 to take a 2-1 lead in the Western Conference Finals. Gil explains why Chef Curry cooked — scoring 26 in the second half — after underwhelming in Houston. Also, he breaks down what James Harden is doing wrong on offense.

Speaking of Game 3 in Oakland, Nick Young showed up to Oracle with an interesting assemblage of statement pieces, including a pair of Gil II Zero Hibachi shoes that he may or may not have stolen from Gil. In “Fire Fit,” OOB rates Swaggy’s look and whether his on-court performance lived up to the Hibachi name.

Looking ahead to Game 4 between the Cavs and Celtics, the guys ask if Cleveland will display the same intensity they did when blowing Boston out 116-86 in Game 3. Plus, Gil explains why the C’s are good at home but suspect on the road, what Marcus Morris is doing while trying to defend LeBron James, and which player is the surprising key to Cleveland’s success.

Next, after Johnny Manziel signed a two-year deal with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the Canadian Football League, our panel discusses the move. Is it a good option? The only option? Johnny’s goal is to play well in the CFL and get another look from an NFL team, and Gil lays out exactly what he has to do to make that happen.

Finally, it is reportedly “just a matter of time” until Kansas City and Seattle get NBA teams again in expansion. In “Top 5,” the OOB crew makes cases for cities that should get franchises, reasoning ranging from strong regional feuds, to strip club scenes. Do you agree that these spots would be great additions to the Association?

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26 thoughts on “Steph Curry Cooks Rockets; Gilbert Arenas on Nick Young Wearing Hibachi Shoes | Out of Bounds

  1. Gilbert arenas had a Benihana shoe? .. damn that’s pretty ill… but be fair to Swaggy P, he’s had a very good series on both ends and the Warriors need him to keep it up, especially now that Iguodala might be injured.

  2. Gilbert give them the real shit as usual! Keeping it real bro! And Pierce and Adam great crew guys! Love the show can’t wait to hear you guys debate the issues football, basketball, politics, fashion, shoes, kids basketball, women’s sports, n just love the raw truth from sports journalists! Keep the good work! Mahalo 808 YW

  3. Looks like Gil is the only 1 that doesn’t know that he’s supposed to front like the show was taped the day of airing!🤣🤣🤣 He’s the only 1 that keeps slippin up&sayin “tonight”, “today”, etc instead of sayin “yesterday”,”last night”, etc!

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