Steph Curry Hurt (Again); Matt Barnes on Sacramento Unrest; Petty Jeff Fisher | Out of Bounds

On today’s episode, Gilbert Arenas and the #OutofBounds crew kick things off with a spicy hot take on Loyola-Chicago and Sister Jean…before discussing how injuries to the Warriors’ All-Star quartet will affect Golden State’s chances of winning another title. Gil has a couple teams the Dubs definitely do not want to see in the first round, when they might still be recovering and without an ailing Steph Curry. With news that 76ers coach Brett Brown thinks Markelle Fultz could come back soon from his shoulder injury but is leaving that decision up to the rookie, OOB breaks down what’s really going on and how his return might affect both him and the Sixers. Then, following former NFL coach Jeff Fisher’s admission that he never responded to an apology letter from his former Titans QB Vince Young because his name was misspelled, the guys discuss petty and arrogant coaches and Gil breaks down how players respond to such shady coaches. Next, on “Face to Face,” friend of the show and former Sacramento King Matt Barnes joins via FaceTime to talk about the turmoil in Sac-town following the police killing of Stephon Clark, the Kings’ response, how he and DeMarcus Cousins got involved paying for the funeral, and what else he’s doing to end police and self-inflicted violence in the community. Finally, in “Fair or Foul?” the squad reacts to an announcement that the Oakland A’s will be charging rival SF Giants fans extra to park at the Coliseum unless they shout “Go A’s!” at the gate. In discussing the psychological warfare of sports rivalries, Gil shares the story of some curious chicken nuggets that messed his whole world up.

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47 thoughts on “Steph Curry Hurt (Again); Matt Barnes on Sacramento Unrest; Petty Jeff Fisher | Out of Bounds

  1. Imo, marching to the cop's house would be short sighted. A march is a protest, not just of the cop and his actions, but of the system thats been propped up to allow him to police black communities in the way him and his colleagues do. To police with fear instead of policing with reason. The idea is not to be the same but to be better. Marching to his house makes him afraid. It does not change the system

  2. Sixers clinched their spot…put Fultz in and let him prove to himself what he is…he played this year so its not like they are saving him for a rookie run next year. See if he is better than what we have…if not he falls back as a reserve to be a defender or grunt to help as needed.

  3. We need some very intelligent people who are willing to sit down and draw up a plan to go to the necessary authorities to get a new agency to do outside ivestigation work on police offenses because the system is fucked up right now and families of wrongful deaths and crimes committed by police need justice and respirations and the police need to be prosecuted, once a few police start going to jail for these crimes , then maybe we won't keep having these problems because right now the agencies work together or know each other and do they best to avoid being caught in scandals internal affairs are not handling the police may be the fbi can do it but they are all cops at the end of the day, maybe homeland security, same thing about kid getting shot at schools we need answers now it can be you or your family next!!!

  4. Vince Young has his issues but Jeff Fisher has a rep for fucking people over and for making fuckwitted decisions. The incident where Vince and Jeff went at was because Jeff was making crazy assed calls and had the team all over the place. Vince called him out and Jeff shut him down for the season and cut him because he took off his pads because he got hurt during the game and was told he couldn't play the rest of the game anyway. Jeff got bought out the next season for the same reasons that Vince was talking about.

  5. I hate how analysts discredit well mention Harrison Barnes like he wasnt on that team before KD the year they won he played every game yea he wasn’t the best defensive player or the clutches but he still contributed and he was there when they won 73 games the disrespect

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