Steph Curry Remembers Meeting ‘Assh*le’ NBA Players As a Kid

Steph Curry is one of the most popular players in the NBA, especially among the younger crowd, so he spends a lot of his time both before and after games catering to the kids who love him. He routinely signs autographs for as many as 100 kids after his pregame workouts, and he’s also known for carving out time for sick kids who make wishes to meet with the Warriors star.

It’s why it was so surprising when a video of Curry seemingly ignoring a kid after a game against the Nets back in November went viral. The young boy’s mom posted the clip on Facebook the next day and suggested Curry ignored her son on purpose.

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25 thoughts on “Steph Curry Remembers Meeting ‘Assh*le’ NBA Players As a Kid

  1. Dynasty really fucking dumb you gotta have history of winning not just recently ..the Lakers are a dynasty the celtics are a dynasty etc.. Common bro your facts right foo

  2. Lol there was a one time when Steph was an asshole and completely ignored a kid who wanted him to sign his jersey and the kid was right infront of Steph waving it in his face

  3. Steph needs to shut the fuck up. How many people get to grow up with a dad in the NBA? He needs to quit whining that it hurt when he got ignored

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