Stephen Curry Calls Donald Trump A Racist

It’s been nearly a week since the President of the United States blasted LeBron James on Twitter.

In the time since, numerous athletes and prominent cultural figures have voiced their support for the Lakers star. LeBron’s on-the-court rival Steph Curry was among those who had LBJ’s back.

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40 thoughts on “Stephen Curry Calls Donald Trump A Racist

  1. He didn’t call all Mexicans criminals, he said some are NOT all. I’m only one Mexican-American person , I have 23 male relatives with serious criminal records in the US and 18 of them are illegals. What does that tell you? That tells you that stupid people like my relatives are proving lawmakers right. I’m only one person related to 23 criminals, so imagine everyone in the same category! That’s a lot of criminals in America don’t you think? Why can’t they just be in prison in their own countries?? Why do they have to come here illegally to be in prison?? We have our own criminal citizens to punish and spend taxes on!! Everyone needs to wake up and realize that we are creating a monster mob of lawless destruction and we need a strong leader to put a stop to it now. Anyone that disagrees needs some serious soul searching.

  2. To accuse someone of being a racist is serious. A racist man wouldn’t help soo many minority’s and call them his American family. Just because he is against illegal immigrants doesn’t mean he is racist! His wife is a legal immigrant and so were his grandparents. Everyone needs to stop judging and start showing support for Trump that wants the best for us. Would you let people break into your home and steal what belongs to you? What do you expect the president to do when he is trying to protect us! Idiots all of you are the true racist stop thinking of race and start thinking like Americans!!!!

  3. There are terrorist attacks happening daily across the world, people are literally dying, and governments are just watching as countries are being torn apart. But please tell me more about your daily struggle with racism. You obviously have it worse than anyone else. Shut your privileged ass up and focus on real issues!

  4. Lmmaaooo I didn't know questioning someone's intelligence quotient was "racist" to a black dude who's lighter than most of us whites lmfao. God damn clown keep your fucking crocodile mouth closed and just stick to shooting 3 pointers fuck boy.

  5. So Trump has called both white and black ppl foolish… but for blacks it's automatic racism. What a stupid video. So when LeBron calls Trump a bum, insults him and falsely accuses him with ZERO evidence he is doing what exactly?

    Gotta add ComplexNews to the growing class of #FakeNews

  6. Trump insults lebron As man not only in retaliation of the things he has said to him , but also bc he voted for Hilary , he supported Hilary Clinton during the campaign , trump did not insult lebron James’s intelligence bc of his color but of his merits and standing as a human being

  7. If yall hate him so much , fucking stand up and do something about it.. or are your Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts gonna make the change you so desperately desire… put down the big mac and soda and peel yourself from your couch and stand up for what you believe in.

  8. This idiot Curry’s a lying race baiter. I challenge anyone to find anything racist said by the USAs REAL President Trump!! Oh I see some idiot black athlete attacks Pres. Trump and he fires back and ttfn they hide behind their race like cowards and that’s racist!? 😂 Nice try. That ploy didn’t work with your fake potus Kenyan do it won’t work ever.

  9. all blacks call trump a racist because he calls them out. on the other hand trump is a loose cannon just waiting to explode. ted baxter from mary tyler moore show is who he reminds me of > 🙂 kisses

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