Stephen Curry Explains Why He Has The Best Sneaker in the NBA

Surefire NBA Hall-of-Famer Stephen Curry is a very busy man these days, but prior to his 5th straight NBA All-Star game, the two-time NBA MVP spent some time with Complex to discuss his All-Star experience, his Under Armour Curry line and why his sneakers are the best in the game.

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29 thoughts on “Stephen Curry Explains Why He Has The Best Sneaker in the NBA

  1. It's funny how people were buying Curry shoes when everyone was on his dick now you got people saying Curry shoes aren't worth buying SMH a whole bunch of followers in the world

  2. Performance wise they’re great. 10/10 for small players.
    But look wise, the 4s and 2s look good , the 1s were ehh. The 3s were bad, the 3 lows were straight garbage.
    But if you’re a baller Curry has a good shoe , don’t expect to bag no bitches with them though

  3. The best shoes he had were his first 2-3 signatures with UA but I feel like the hype for his sneakers are just about dead now. The current best sneakers by current players in the NBA are easily the Kyries and Paul George shoes.

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