Steve Rifkind Crowns Eminem as The Best Rapper of All-Time | Complex Brackets

Steve Rifkind is the founder of Loud Records which launched the careers of legendary hip hop acts like Wu Tang Clan, Big Pun and Mobb Deep. In this episode, Steve plays our Top 100 category populated with the most notable artists of all-time. Watch him struggle to choose between rappers with huge commercial success versus pioneers and trendsetters.

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35 thoughts on “Steve Rifkind Crowns Eminem as The Best Rapper of All-Time | Complex Brackets

  1. LOL! Yeah right…just like the white man STILL claims he invented Rock n Roll when we all know he did not. Eminem is of note because of his lack of melanin.

  2. so many people buthurt 😂
    listen … it's not about your preference or feelings
    it's about Steve list
    and Eminem is definitely one of the greatest of all time … no one can take that from him

  3. To everyone saying this dude can't have a white rapper as his favorite what do you want him to do lie? Is he wrong for having an opinion? Em's not even his favorite rapper, it's his favorite out of these picks. He said em was his in his top 3, If em was his favorite he probably would have said that

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