Stretch & Bobbito Talk 30th Anniversary, Their New Apple Music Show, & Remastering Rare Freestyles

The legendary radio pioneers chopped it up with us as they enter a new era in their ever evolving friendship. The Stretch & Bobbito Show introduced a generation of rap fans to the likes of Wu-Tang, Busta Rhymes, Big L, and Jay-Z and now they’ll be flexing their music taste on a new show on Apple Music. They’ll also be dropping EPs of remastered freestyles from their influential radio show which originally aired on Columbia University’s WCKR 89.9 FM.

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10 thoughts on “Stretch & Bobbito Talk 30th Anniversary, Their New Apple Music Show, & Remastering Rare Freestyles

  1. When I first heard the Big-L Jay-Z freestyle I was completely shook, one of the best freestyles ever IMO, then as a 10yr old and now as a 29yr old it still remains in my daily rotation. Much love Stretch n Bobbito

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  3. Salute to stretch and bobbito Legends. One of the Craziest Freestyle I ever heard from Busta Rhymes happened in their show in 92'

    That freestyle appears in the Zoo York mixtape Skate Video Fire 🔥

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