Students Protest Their Teacher’s ‘Forceful’ Resignation After Shocking Video

A teacher in South Carolina recently resigned after a video of her pulling the hair of a sleeping student went viral, and now other students are rallying for the teacher to return to the school.

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31 thoughts on “Students Protest Their Teacher’s ‘Forceful’ Resignation After Shocking Video

  1. So what is is the fucking context..? I see her kicking slapping pulling hair. If this was the other way around, the world would be too small. She had too resign. Fuck the context.

  2. She was on Tape kicking the boy in the shoulder slapping him and pilling his hair screw you morons thats unacceptable don't care if you're playing or not… its a school show some professionalism its not a comedy show. Suspension or termination is suitable

  3. Yeah clearly a case of overreacting from the one suspended this lady. You can not even squeeze a fart out in your own home or some hypocrite fart catcher kicks down your door trying to tell you it’s not okay. Really pathetic!

  4. So kids who gotta record everrrrrry fucking thing…mad a video CLIP got taken outta context on worldstar ? Then STOOOOOOOP POSTING EVERRRRRRY FUCKING THING….just live in the fucking moment! The whole worrrrld dont care what goes on in your 4th period English class

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