Study Says People With Satisfying Sex Lives Are More Likely to Cheat

You might think people who have satisfying sex lives would be less likely to cheat on their spouses. But according to a new Florida State University study, those who are happy with their sex lives might actually be more likely to cheat. Researchers believe this is because they have more positive feelings associated with sex than those who aren’t satisfied sexually.

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41 thoughts on “Study Says People With Satisfying Sex Lives Are More Likely to Cheat

  1. Wow this is very interesting! I believe it to be true. Its doesn't matter how many times you have sex a cheater is still a cheater. You can cheat having tons of sex or not. I know this from experience. My first serious bf after Highschool was cheating on me even after having alot of sex with him. Lol! So it doesn't matter if it's good sex or not a cheater is a cheater this is a true fact. The important thing in a relationship isn't just sex its having a deep connection with your partner. If the connection isn't there then that's where the cheating comes in. It's not all about sex.

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  3. Wow all these bitches talkin about they want a loyal man and want something to last, yet women who have been in a long relationship is more likely to cheat haha! I think all bitches cheat physically or mentally. Even the fat nasty ones. They stay seeing niggas out of their league they want to fuck.

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