Suge Knight’s Fiancée Jailed for Probation Violation Related to Death Row Documentary

Toi-Lin Kelly was sentenced to three years in jail Friday for a probation violation connected to her fiancée, former Death Row Records mogul Suge Knight. The sentencing was one of several recent developments in Knight’s ongoing homicide trial. According to a Los Angeles Times report by James Queally, Kelly will be spending time behind bars at least in part for her role in facilitating communication between Knight and BET producers.

“Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Douglas Sortino ruled that Toi-Lin Kelly, 37, helped Knight violate a court order limiting his jailhouse phone communications by aiding him in arranging interviews with the producers of a BET documentary about Death Row Records, the record label he founded in 1988,” the Times report read. “Sortino also found that she was indirectly communicating with Knight through a private investigator, violating the terms of probation he granted her in October.”

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33 thoughts on “Suge Knight’s Fiancée Jailed for Probation Violation Related to Death Row Documentary

  1. Really???? 3 f*cking years for that for a probation violation!!!! In Canada she would of got a month in jail and got back out!!!!!! That’s completely bull sh*t bruh she got a lil kid with suge so now 2 Of em are in jail and she was just trying to help her husband out too get some money together for a documentary!!!! The states gotta change man!!!! You gotta stop jailing people like you do for such long periods. If she done a arm robbery and robbed a bank or a store and none got hurt she would of got 3 yeArs for that here I’m Canada In most Provence’s!!! Yet are crime and murder rate are thousAnds times lower. Do the research Nd you will be shocked.

  2. It makes me happy to see Suge suffering like he has been for the past couple of years, he’s a toxic, shit stain on Hip Hop’s history.

  3. She don't deserve 3 yrs for something that lite.. Its alot of people that sell shit to journalist that shouldnt, they just doing it to try n break suge down!!! Fuc da system!!

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