Sunny Suljic Talks Fake Blood, First Tricks and Jonah Hill | Conspiracy Corner

Sunny Suljic, star of Mid 90s, stopped by the Conspiracy Corner to talk about the movie, the stuff he really liked about the 90s and may or may not have made resident old Khal feel a little older.

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35 thoughts on “Sunny Suljic Talks Fake Blood, First Tricks and Jonah Hill | Conspiracy Corner

  1. Lmao not complaining cause this kids funny and mid 90s is fire, but why was this labeled as a conspiracy corner video, could've just been a regular interview and without the set and it would've been the same video

  2. Lots of people hating on Sunny and complex for bringing him on but I really enjoyed this interview. He’s just a kid and he’s doing what he loves and he’s gotten an opportunity to be bigger and you know he’s as humble as he can get. Let the kid live. Most of you guys wouldn’t even understand the meaning behind the message of mid 90s cos most of you guys don’t skate or understand the culture. Great interview.

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