Suspect Gets Shot After He Tries To Take Officer’s Gun

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The suspect in last night’s officer-involved shooting is identified as 26-year-old Todd Sturgis. Last month Sturgis led officers on a high-speed pursuit after they attempted to take him into custody on Tarrant County warrants for kidnapping, evading arrest and delivery of a controlled substance. He evaded capture and has a Lufkin Police warrant for evading arrest in connection to that incident. On Monday evening, the Department received an anonymous tip that Sturgis was at Pinewood Park Apartments inside No. 207. Officers responded to the apartment and met a woman at the door who initially denied knowing Sturgis’ location. She eventually allowed officers to search the apartment and they found him in a bedroom. When they attempted to take him into custody, he refused to show his hands and continually reached under a bed and mattress. Sturgis was subsequently Tased but it was ineffective, and he then attempted to take an officer’s gun.

In the struggle, the officer fired a single shot which struck the Sturgis in the torso. Sturgis was taken to a local hospital and is expected to recover. The officer involved in the shooting was physically uninjured in the incident. Another officer suffered a minor fracture when a Taser barb lodged in his finger during the struggle. Sturgis will face three additional charges from Lufkin Police Department including two counts of disarming a peace officer and resisting arrest. The officer involved will be on administrative leave with pay until the Texas Rangers have completed their investigation into the incident, per Department policy. The officer’s identity will be released after he gives his statement to the Ranger in charge later this week.

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