T.I. Reminds Everyone He Invented Trap Music: ‘Only Fools Dispute Facts!’

T.I. is once again asserting that he invented the term/subgenre trap music, likely replying to Gucci Mane’s recent claim that the honor lies with him.

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49 thoughts on “T.I. Reminds Everyone He Invented Trap Music: ‘Only Fools Dispute Facts!’

  1. Eazy E came out wit Dopeman in late 80s…Scarface had money&power an mr scarface…Ugk came out wit pocket full of stones in the 90s too…so how these guys create trap music???

  2. TI been needing to stfu already it’s long over due!! Nigga Malcolm Xing on everything and everyone business meanwhile u wanted to pay for a 3sum w ur wife 😒 Your a bird ma guy. Ppl confuse ppl who don’t take no shit as real niggas, that’s the biggest misconception in the world 💯

  3. Whats the argument about trap music is no different than gangster rap especially in the early 2000. After a while maybe 2010 people started to give it a certain sound but in the end if u rap about killing selling drugs or anything of the like on any beat you can say its trap.

  4. "Just make it happen" Damn Frazier you do know Jeezy tried to have Wop KILLED right? You do know that WOP ended up killing one of Jeezy' man's right. Damn G all you care about is the music

  5. I know a nigga who saying that Chief Keef birthed trap music. But other people tryna tell em that Chief Keef birthed drill not rap. And he stay denying saying they the same thing. Someone help me explain to this dumbass nigga.

  6. Y’all need to start putting respeck on T.I’s name. That boy been solid from day 1. Way before these young, mumble rap nigga’s came on the scene. A legend! And, I can’t wait till T.I drop that Dime trap album!! He need to show em why he is the King Of The South. I respect Gucci’s work Ethic. Never been a big fan of his. And I do love Gucci’s grind, his beats, and lingo. But he is no where near the lyrical caliber of a t.i. And t.i just sounds better overall on a Trap beat.

  7. Man 3 6, project Pat, 8ball and MJG, master P, lil Wayne were some of the first to put people on to the way the south gets down. They may not have all been specifically talking traps all the time but damn near close lol

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