A sexy, hard-working model wakes up from a lovely sleep in her beautiful New Jersey home. She lays back, checks the messages on her site, gets fresh and heads out with only herself and a glass of Grand Reserved Merlot on her mind. After enduring a very public break-up in the media she continues to move forward with conviction and determination. Today, the gift and curse of her emotional solitude has given her an opportunity to embrace being alone, content and excited about her future. The industry nuisance is almost incomparable to the personal voyage she’s taken on by choosing to remain single and focus solely on her career. Tahiry, has now found genuine confidence in her strength to move forward and regardless of the all the rumors she’s always known at her core, that true, “consistent” beauty… stands alone even in a crowd.



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39 thoughts on “TAHIRY JOSE : LOVE & HIP HOP | REUNION

  1. Nice video just missing the shower portion or any portion of bathing even a quick wash up would have worked but I love this video. Its hot and she looks very well kept. Keep up the good work Tahiry and thats pure hip hop that track is bananas 

  2. Her booty is so big, if you got it flaunt it, like nicki minaj said you might not have it when your older. Showing your body is female swag in my opinion. Women are GODS greatest creation. Stop judging people and let people have confidence in themselves OMG.

  3. What does it mean to be average looking anyway? Im sick of beauty standards, everybody has a different look about them and GOD forbid if some people choose not to stand in the mirror all day plastering make-up on their face. Everybody is beautiful fuck society!!

  4. Natural beauty and not a size zero… I love it! Chick is bad to the bone…Her perfections are her imperfections and that is what make her chic. So for any haters looking for a size 0 with big tits and ass…News flash, not real!  You can purchase a blow up doll or simply look at over retouch images!! Xoxo

  5. I'm surprised at the negative comments on this video . She's gorgeous and yes it's an opinionated thing , but not everyone can be skinny af with a big ass and big tits without some fat or weight…. Girls like that don't exist .

  6. That wrinkly old ass and them cottage cheese fat ass thighs and those cow milk jug cow tuggin nipples ill eat em up lol Sike!! So what are they trying to Sell Here?? There website im just confused i see a beached whale rolling around in a bed and i want to get it back to the Ocean i just cant find it…someone help it please free willy!!!

  7. I did, I remembered it from a long while ago and got the artist name.

    But I really wanted to see that fine piece of woman in the vid. Another Dominican lady works not too far from me and she is baaaaaad too.

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