Tana Mongeau Eats A Strip Club Dollar & Loses Her Tooth!

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In case you were wondering how Tana Mongeau was coping post-breakup, she seems to be handling things juuuuust fine while partying it up in Miami with her posse plus FaZe Banks and minus one tooth.What’s up guys, it’s Sussan Mourad with Clevver News, and you absolutely heard that mouthful of a sentence correctly (no pun intended). Apparently you know it’s a good night when you literally lose a tooth, and that’s exactly what Tana did (and documented) while raging her face off in Miami last night.Just days before the Super Bowl, which is held in Miami this year, the city has been taken over by Tana and her crew, who decided to have a little fun at a club last night very early this morning.Tana shared most of the night’s indiscretions, including but not limited to twerking in a party bus, smoking weed and losing a tooth in da club.
I seriously can’t make this stuff up…Tana is literally hanging onto a $10,000 veneer that fell out during all this debauchery.You guys, there is literally more money hanging from Tana’s mouth than there is in my entire future.Anyway, that’s besides the point… After many attempts of literally super-glueing her veneer back until it fell off after eating, Tana ultimately rocked the toothless look and may have to until she can fit an emergency dental procedure in between all the partying… priorities, amiright?But what came as an even bigger surprise to fans was the fact that Tana was also partying with FaZe Banks.Although Tana has been hanging out with a number of the Team 10 group lately, she’s been seen partying with Alissa Violet and Tessa Brooks, there were previous rumors surrounding Tana and FaZe around the time of her and Jake Paul’s relationshipTana and Jake had already set an official date for their wedding when Banks appeared on an episode of Adam22’s ‘No Jumper’ podcast back in June, where he was asked a slightly awkward question about his own relationship with Tana.When Adam22 asked if Banks had ever “had a thing” with Tana, AKA if the two had, more specifically, had a physical thing, FaZe became a little hesitant to answer.Well there you have it… He then went on to apologize to both Tana and Alissa, his estranged girlfriend at the time, claiming that his fling with Tana happened, “way, way back”.He admitted that he’d kept it to himself on purpose saying QUOTE, “Yeah, it’s no big deal. The only reason why it’s a big deal is because I’m FaZe Banks and that’s Tana Mojo. I kept this a secret for three years!”This all came after FaZe and Jake had their own beef back in 2017 after Alissa accused Jake of abusing her when they dated.Shortly after that, Jake pulled Banks right under the bus with him, claiming that Banks had assaulted his assistant at a nightclub.Banks and Alissa have a tumultuous past that came to light in recent months and the two are no longer together! She took to Twitter to share a few short words: “Single Violet thrives.”Circling back to Tana’s night out with Banks, it’s hard to say if this will affect her friendship with Alissa, but apparently there’s nothing that a few vodka sodas, some Don Juloi 1942 and night out together can’t fix.In the meantime, who knows what Tana and the gang will be getting into the rest of the weekend, so we’re on close watch… you know, in case a second veneer makes its way out into the public or something. For now, I’m curious to hear all your thoughts on Tana’s night out with Banks… do you think this will cause drama with Alissa, or has that ship completely sailed by now? Share all your thoughts and opinions down here in the comments, and then don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and click that bell so you never miss an update.And after after, be sure to click right over here to watch another new video. Thanks for tuning into Clevver News, I’m your host Sussan Mourad and make good choices this weekend, y’all.

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