Tana Mongeau & Tessa Brooks HANGING OUT After Jake Paul Split!

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Sometimes girls just need their girlfriends, and that seems to be exactly what Tana Mongeau thought when she was seen hanging out with former Team 10 member Tessa Brooks just weeks after her split with Jake Paul.What’s up guys, it’s Sussan Mourad back here on Clevver News, and if there are two sure-fire ways to get over an ex, grab your girlfriend and head to the clurrrb, and consider yourself good and moved on.Ok, but in all seriousness, Tana Mongeau and Tessa Brooks clearly now have a lot to bond over considering Tana just joined in on the closing of the “Jake Paul & Team 10” chapter.The two were seen partying it up last night all thanks to Tana’s Instagram stories while celebrating her friend Diablo’s birthday at a club.Clearly Tana isn’t dwelling on her split with Jake from last month, as the two seemed to be having a great time celebrating together.Tessa hasn’t been on the Team 10 scene since back in 2018 when she shocked fans with a YouTube video explaining her reasoning for leaving the group, especially since she was rumored to have been dating Jake at the time.She revealed to her followers that things had ‘changed’ in Team 10 and that parting ways was the best decision for both parties.Tessa didn’t specifically state exactly what went wrong, but she did say that there were many disagreements, they were headed in different directions, and even hinted that the group may not have felt the same way about her as she did them…She also admitted that there were still details she wanted to keep private, but wished the group the best of luck and has since moved on.Jake was also pretty tight-lipped about what went down during the time of Tessa’s decision to leave, but many fans were quick to mention that in one of Erika Costell’s vlogs that centered around finding another girl to add to the group, she asks the guys what they think about adding another girl to the group.Chad Tepper immediately hit back with, “The real question is, is she going to be nice to us?”Jake quickly chimed in with, “Or is she going to leave and make a video?”It wasn’t exactly confirmed whether or not these comments were geared toward Tessa, but it also doesn’t seem too far out of the realm of possibilities.Tana seems to be in good standing with the girls in the group as she was previously seen with Alissa Violet last Halloween, and considering Alissa and Tessa are good friends, a mini Team 10 reunion could be the next likely happening.When it comes to Tana’s current standing with Jake, it seems these two really are sticking to their word and remaining friends.Just yesterday, Tana posted a video to her Instagram story sharing a PR package teasing Jake’s upcoming boxing match in Miami, and poked fun at being a major fan of his.Hey, at least Tana’s got a sense of humor…?The two ended their six-month relationship earlier this month, around the time Tana posted a raw, emotional video explaining how she felt during their time together.t seems like after the talk about their divorce was settled, and once Tana was able to walk away with her new Lambo, the two will be much better off as friends.On that note, Tana has plenty of exciting things to keep her busy during this time.She recently launched a new perfume called ‘Tana by Tana’, which sold out in a whopping 76 minutes after her commercial debut.In the commercial doubled as a comedy sketch, Tana debuts multiple different personalities discussing the different perfume notes all while attempting to shoot the commercial:Tana revealed that she has been working on her fragrance for over a year and also talked about the inspiration behind the scent.Tana eventually moved onto more high-end perfumes, buuuut admitted that she always returned back to her QUOTE: “hooker scents”.Then when she smelt her original $5 Walmart perfume on someone else a few years later, she was inspired to create a brand new one, hence Tana by Tana.Some fans love the sound of the fragrance. Personally I’ve always been a fan of vanilla scents. While on the other hand, some fans have been skeptical about what the perfume would actually smell like, predicting that they think it would be a little overbearing.Some fans were also quick to bash the perfume’s skull bottle, claiming that she could’ve done much better than what this person called a Hot Topic rip-off… But you know what, perfume is such a personal thing. One person might love a fragrance, while another might not. And at the end of the day, whether you liked it or not, the purfume did sell out.And Alright, alright, all shade aside, we’re glad Tana is staying busy and making time for her girlfriends.
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