Tay K Is All Scowls In New Mugshot Following 55 Year Sentence

BEXAR COUNTY, TX – Tay-K’s newest mugshot has surfaced online weeks after he was sentenced to 55 years in prison. The leaked picture shows him scowling at the camera.

Produced: Pro (Jaysn Prolifiq)

Voiceover: Alexandra Wurst

Video Edit: CT (Clifton Tate)

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23 thoughts on “Tay K Is All Scowls In New Mugshot Following 55 Year Sentence

  1. The man got 55 years if he's even alive by the time he gets out the adjustment back to civilian life as well as the changing times will probably b just as tough as his actual sentence…. What reason does he have to smile

  2. Oh well. Another rapper will blow up by promoting violence over a dope ass beat…and ya'll will be repeating "This shit goes hard af" and then crack jokes, when they get locked up or dead. The circle of hip-hop.

  3. Free shorty cuz he wasn’t represented properly that was stupid to plead guilty to the robbery especially in a state that would use that to get him on the murder he ain’t commit had he stuck with not guilty he coulda got lesser time somewhere between 10 to 20 worse case 30 but at least he could be out while he partially young

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