Taylor Swift Knew Grammy Win Wasn’t Happening, So She Skipped!

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Taylor Swift’s reasoning for missing out on the 2020 Grammy Awards is still a mystery, but more insight may lead to the fact that since she wasn’t promised an award, she skipped out!

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It’s Sinead DeVries with Clevver News, and apparently you just never know what goes down in the land of Hollywood when the spotlights turn off and the curtains close.

That said, many insiders revealed the real reason for Taylor Swift’s sudden decision to skip this year’s Grammy Awards, despite being nominated for three awards, was due to the fact that she wasn’t guaranteed a win.

According to media outlet Page Six, sources revealed that Taylor’s team was in talks with Grammy producers a few days before the live event, and said that Taylor would only attend and perform if she was to win a Grammy, specifically for Song of the Year.

In turn, her team was told that the winners are not even known to executives who are planning the show, and that they wouldn’t bend the rules for her.

An insider stated QUOTE, “While it wasn’t an explicit demand, [her team] was certainly fishing to find out if Taylor was a winner. It was understood in the conversation that if she’s not winning, she’s not coming to the Grammys.”

So apparently this is a “thing” in the industry… then again, I highly doubt that Billie Eilish’s team knew that she’d be winning like half the list of Grammy awards, otherwise she wouldn’t be seen begging for announcers not to call her name…

But apparently this IS common amongst Hollywood’s elite.

Another source revealed, “It’s widely known in the industry that [Swift’s team] called to find out if she was getting a Grammy, they wouldn’t tell her, so she didn’t go. It’s not uncommon [for an artist] to want to know. And everyone knows Taylor loves to win, win, win.”

There was allegedly a spot for Taylor to perform during last Sunday’s show, according to Grammy producer Ken Ehrlich.

He opened up to Variety that there had been conversations with Taylor’s team, saying QUOTE, “One of her representatives called and said, specifically, that she wanted to do the show for me. And then it was not confirmed… I’m really not at liberty to go into why ultimately she did not confirm… but I understood her reasoning, let’s just say that.”

Taylor was nominated alongside Billie for Song of the Year, but before the show, there was also a lot of talk about Taylor’s cancellation being in part due to her protesting the Grammys.

This all allegedly went down after Recording Academy CEO Deborah Dugan claimed that the Grammy votes were rigged after she claims she was fired for coming forward about a sexual assault incident.

News of Taylor skipping the show also comes after fans complained that Lover was snubbed in nominations.

Aside from Song of the Year, she had two other nominations for Best Pop Vocal Album for Lover and Best Pop Solo Performance for “You Need to Calm Down.”

Many Swifties thought she was also snubbed for “Reputation” buuuut that’s besides the point.

Multiple sources told Variety that Taylor had been working on an unannounced set consisting of songs off of “Lover”, but that it fell through.

They said QUOTE, “Rehearsal schedules for the taping at Staples Center had included one ‘TBA’ artist that was believed to have been reserved for Swift, possibly performing her most recent album’s feminist anthem ‘Lover.’”

But despite what anyone may think about whatever the reason was for Taylor’s absence from the show, she DID express her excitement for her nominations back in November.

She posted to her Instagram story sharing the news with her fans, saying, “LOVER’ IS NOMINATED FOR SONG OF THE YEAR AT THE GRAMMYS!!! Wrote this one alone in a quiet moment and seeing it honored in the Song of the Year category by my peers means so much, wow…3 noms guys!!!!”

But it’s time to let you do all the talking, so right now I gotta know if you think there is truth to why she didn’t show up to the Grammys being that she wasn’t promised an award, and do you think she was snubbed this year?

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