Taylor Swift & Shawn Mendes COLLABORATE on ‘Lover’ Remix!

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This is not a drill, Swifties, I repeat this is NOT a drill! Taylor Swift and Shawn Mendes just dropped a surprise remix of “Lover” and this duet will DEFINITELY give you the chills!

Hey everyone, It’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and I didn’t think I could possibly love Taylor Swift’s song ‘Lover’ any more, until now.

Taylor revealed on her Instagram this morning that she was dropping a collab with none other than Shawn Mendes.

She said that she’s been dying to collaborate with him, and we’ve been dying for them to collaborate together… isn’t it great when that happens!?

And the best part? We don’t have to wait. It’s literally out now. I love a hump day surprise to get me through the week, THANK YOU TAYLOR AND SHAWN!

And their voices harmonizing together are simply perfect, I truly can’t get enough.

And if you’ve heard the song by now, which I’m sure you have, you’d notice that some of the lyrics are different in Shawn’s verse.

Taylor revealed that Shawn re-wrote some of the lyrics so they were his own.

“He has taken Lover and he has re-written parts of it … everybody would write a different love letter.”

With the lyrics Taylor wrote quote, “Well guys it finally happened: WE DID A COLLABORASHAWN. Sending out a whole entire THANKS BUDDY to @ShawnMendes rn – I’m so stoked that our remix of Lover is out NOW!”

And obviously fans lost ALL chill, myself included.

One person said quote, “The lyrics are slightly different and I’m getting the chills!! This version is so precious! I can’t wait to see it live!! 🙏💖😭 @taylornation13 @ShawnMendes #loverRemix #imnotcryingYOUREcrying”

Another said quote, “”WE DID A COLLABORASHAWN” She’s so funny 🤣 I love the remix btw!! On repeat…”

And another wrote quote, “COLLAB OF THE CENTURYY YESSS”

And in case you are wondering exactly what Shawn’s lyrics are, let’s break them down for ya.

On the track, Shawn sings, “We can light a bunch of candles and dance around the kitchen, baby / Pictures of when we were young hang on the wall / We’ll sit on the stoop / I’ll sing love songs to you when we’re 80 / See I finally got you / Now honey I won’t let you fall.”

But before we dive into the meaning behind all of those beautiful words, that’s not all.

After the song’s famous line, “I take this magnetic force of a man to be my / Lover,” more new lyrics were added.

Shawn sings: “Look in my eyes / they will tell you the truth / the girl in my story / has always been you / I’d go down with the titanic, it’s true / for you, lover.”

Ohhh we see you Shawn.

Ok let’s talk about these lyrics.

While “Lover” is widely believed to be about Taylor’s relationship with her boyfriend Joe Alwyn, the remix now seems to involve Shawn’s relationship with his girlfriend Camila Cabello.

Let’s start with that line when he sings,”The girl in my story has always been you,” which could definitely be an allusion to Shawn and Camila’s years-long friendship.

Last month Camila did reveal that while the two always had an attraction for each other, they didn’t act on it at first. The timing was off.

She told the Sun that quote, “Definitely there were feelings, but I think we were just too young to know what to do with them.”

And she also opened up about risking their friendship for love.

Camila said quote, “It’s almost more scary because you have more to lose. When you first start dating a person and you know nothing about them, there’s less at risk there. I think when you fall in love with somebody you’ve known for a long time, there’s more at stake.”

You know, that performance where they ALMOST kissed but didn’t.

Pretty strange for two people who love PDA and are in actual LOVE!

Just this week they were spotted out packing on the PDA at a Clipper’s game while sitting courtside.

I’m not sure they actually caught any of the basketball game with all that kissing.

Seriously did these two even come up for air?!

Anyway, these pics should put last month’s breakup rumors to rest for good.

But I want to know what you guys think.

Have you had a chance to listen to the remix version of Lover? What do you think of Shawn’s new lyrics? Do you think they are about Camila?
Let me know down in the comment sections below.

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Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m Sussan Mourad and have a great day.

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