47 thoughts on “Tekashi Denies Witness Protection, Blac Youngsta Arrested Again, Snapchat collab Tekashi

  1. It's likely he probably get probation but If he "skips" the charges then you can call me monkey boy from here out lol.. Ive lived in Houston for my whole life and we have a saying .. "come to Texas on vacation and leave on probation"… And one thing HPD and Houston don't play with is guns.. if you don't have a permit or riding w a loaded weapon and don't have a good lawyer, which clearly he will have, you will get hung out here.. if he really was smart he'd know we are an open carry state anyway so all he needed was license bodyguards .. these fools gone learn to stop living and dying by a damn gun

  2. There are 1000's and 1000's of TreyWay Bloods still on the street… That are itching to touch him for fame… SNITCHING is the #1 rule PERIOD!!.. He will never live a peaceful life again.. NEVER

  3. If a cartel is backing him and making money off him now, they wont allow the asset to be compromised, unlike the bums he ran with before. Snitch or no snitch, them dudes dont want those types of problems, yeh dig! lol

  4. I don’t know 🤷🏼‍♂️ who this guy black youngster is but he obviously 🙄 doesn’t care for his own freedom nor being putto build a stable empire. It makes no sense, Stupid Silliness!!!

  5. Armor piercing ammo isn’t illegal. Technically a regular.223 round or a pretty much the same xm13 5.56 ammo out of a .20 inch AR-15 will pierce most armor in the world. And .308 win will go through roughly 75% of armor (aside from ceramic plate armor).

  6. He’s def not gonna beat that if they said they smelled weed an DIDNT FIND ANY WEED 100% BEATABLE BUT THE FACT THEY FOUND WEED IS THE PROBABLE CAUSE OF THE SMELL HE FUCKED UP THIS TIME

  7. You know how many gangs were created just because of the 69 bullshit ….. 6 tre 7 tre and 10 tre aint havin that….. im just kidding gangs are real 🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏽‍♂️

  8. Wat y’all dnt understand is..that Latinos dnt condemn snitching like us..dat man was in other countries giving out 100 dollar bills..he will always be accepted by his kind..because they stick together..if u snitch on an enemy or blacks ..Dey dnt giv af who it was..dats sum Dey been known for doin

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