24 thoughts on “Tekashi Halloween, Antonio brown wants $40 Mill Patriots, Kevin Hart friends turn on him for Money

  1. Kevin heart deserves to pay out MILLIONS to those passengers in the car KEVIN was driving & crashed himself. Although the media made it seem as if Kevin was the victim. How in the hell would you have someone else drive your car, crash it, then you (Kevin H) climb out the window of the driver seat & leave the other people in the car to die?? I need answers sway!!! Kevin is NOT innocent in this case & WILL pay a settlement for crashing his car & fleeing the scene for whatever reason he might've had. I hope he also apologizes to those "friends" of his. P.S they probably want NOTHING to do with him now.

  2. Kevin hart left those people in a smashed car….. of course they sued him. This hat whole story is fishy in the first place. I am sure they will spill the beans of what REALLY happened that night if they don’t get their money.

  3. It's sad because all snitch9 did was help the feds make bringing down regular gang members into a high profile mafia type bust anyone from the town knows they were doing regular gang activity they used used takashi to give mafia time to petty criminals and put hip hop on trial

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