27 thoughts on “Tekashi Shotti appeal details and update, Jim Jones is not informant here is why, Ceo Kris informa

  1. Jim Jones is a snitch probably helping the feds for the next big take down of 9 Tre then he’ll disappear. Him talking about violating 69 is a easy conspiracy case against him. The feds probably told him to call Mel Murda and talk about it to get more proof against Mel. And think about the 9 Tre members the feds were going to pick up, but they said they’ll work undercover for the next bust instead of going to prison. I would say there’s still a whole lot of rats in 9 Tre on the loose gathering more info.

  2. Didnt he plead, if so he cant appeal. As for the lawyer there is no conflict of interest bc 2 ppl cant have the same lawyer on federal charges, as for bc 69 had him before, he knew that going into the case and still choose to stick with him so none of this makes sense

  3. People call 69 a snitch, but the truth of the matter is that by the time he got picked up, the FEDs already had their case together. He was just icing on the cake. The only person he really snitched on was Kooda. The rest were foes acting as friends or dudes trying to line him up

  4. Is CEO Kris the same person as "Chris" who once managed 6ix9ine?

    At time mark 2:25 the video says that, CEO Kris once managed 69.

    Snow Billy made a distinction between CEO Kris and the Chris that managed 69.

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