19 thoughts on “Tekashi Shotti confesses to, trial 6 day break, Lil Peep Update, The wire cartoon

  1. This is my first dislike on this guy bc he really make's a mistake… I'm not going to say he don't know what he tlking bout but he do make's a mistake….comming from someone who just got out from doing 23yrs…he make's a big mistake🤔all would know is they stretch the case out for more money….& him being a bigtime… that's just about all his money…for those that don't know per inmate is like 10 to 15 thousand a head…transportation fee's….bck & forth to court…$$$….ppl missing out on wrk hour's…the more time the more money being dished out….& I'm not tlking bout snitch9 paying I'm tlking bout taxpayer's paying….so that mean's judge's & whoever get more money so of course they going to stretch it until statutory law allow's…but it's just about getting boring now so there rapping it up…(get..it)rapp it up🤷‍♂️🤔🥂💯🤣👊!

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