Tekashi The Game and Da Baby React, Ceo kris past comes up with Tekashi Mel Murda and shotti

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Tekashi The Game and Da Baby React, Ceo kris past comes up with Tekashi Mel Murda and shotti


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42 thoughts on “Tekashi The Game and Da Baby React, Ceo kris past comes up with Tekashi Mel Murda and shotti

  1. Hes not going to witness protection. He gone hire 24/7 security and keep getting bags potentially more than before. You think Tekashis ego will let him never be seen again, dont think so. Someone "close" to the situation allegedly said he is gonna reject wp.

  2. 36? You're still young. I thought you'd be atleast 40. I'm 31 I've matured a lot but still struggle with partying and Financial management. Won't give up now, I've come too far.

  3. Let me teach you something. Fact of the matter is this investigation ended prematurely. This has been going on Waaayyyyyyyyyyyy before 6ix 9ine was affiliated with NineTrey. Fact. Watch Jim Jones get charged next. This ONLY ENDED because when FEDS have information on an assasination plot, they HAVE TO intervene. So when it's on wire 6ix 9ine has a green light on him, the FEDS wrapped it up early and rounded everybody up. Now just think, he's in that room hearing that he's only been arrested at this moment because they were going to kill him, he must have felt a certain way. This particular charge only sticks when 1 of the conspirators are cooperating. They had CEO Chris in their pocket from the jump so whether he worked with feds or not they were all fucked. Then Jorge turned informant from the ICE threats. It's a lose lose. If he kept his mouth shut he had a chance to walk away with 10 and his dignity. Once he realized he was food he threw the code of the street out the window. I also blame NineTrey and the big homies of that set for even allowing this character so close to vital knowledge. You know he isn't built for war, then you got Mel who uses a phone like a girl in high school. The whole team sloppy.

  4. Jordan stick to shooting rap videos in the hood. If your gonna broadcast news at least get the facts straight and know what your talking about 100% before you put it out to the public. Don't be like MTO WITH HALF ASS TRUTH AND THE REST IS "WELL I THINK" BS. NO HATE INCLUDED JUST SEEING IT 💯.

  5. 69.. is not innocent.. at all. The only thing that is wrong with this is simple.. if these guy's where str8 up gangsters. Then 69 is a snitch, they are the only reason 69 got arrested.
    If 69 got arrested with a gun by himself.. then told on these guy's.. after they protected him. Then yeah he's all the way wrong. But they are his only problem. His running from hes so called loyal gang family.
    They robbed him, for up to $700,000. Beat him up.. slept with he baby mum, kidnapped him.. who's he running from. Them.. what who you do..?
    That's the fax.. he played his hand. The only weapon he had.
    He is a snitch.. but in a strange way. But the RAP thing that's over.. he can't come back to the black community.. or address our music again. He's not to be trusted.

  6. We know Rick Ross took the name of the original Rick Ross we know this already but you are a hater man why do you hate so much I subscribe to you but bro I didn't know it was going to be so much hating you go down your timeline bro you hating on everybody man I hope you got your life together you might as well call this the hate show cuz you hate on everybody damn stop hating bro not a good look

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