Tekashi The Wire Starring Mel Murda, Shotti, Jim Jones and Billy Ado

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24 thoughts on “Tekashi The Wire Starring Mel Murda, Shotti, Jim Jones and Billy Ado

  1. This gang bangin ain’t working.. shit started in the 50s for blacks and it is a fact it hasn’t produced no real benefit to the community.. it’s time for a new plan.. smh

  2. Dogg you play the recording for us to hear then you start talking over it shouting people out in your live ?
    Does that make sense to you ? ! Smh 😕

  3. Whitey Bulger always met people . Phones pick up everything now even if you think its off. Good advice JT keep your trap shut.That saying loose lips sink ships.Miss your talks with Shorty Low. Miss him. RIP.

  4. Stop feeling bad for 69 people. He's just as guilty as all of them. He ordered murders on people. Let me say that one more time. He ordered murders on people. He's never cared if shots ring out if any innocent people that are around him by chance could get killed. When he gets out and some gang banger go's to shoot him and misses and hits a kid because it seems no gang banger has ever learned to aim a gun. Will you still say I think 69 is all right.
    Its entertaining but its not a movie. This is real life with real people. This whole thing will end bad in one way or another. Things always catch up with you in life. You can run for awhile but it won't last.

  5. Mel tells Jim Jones shotti a demon then says he's a Roach than he is his driver wow it's getting spoooooooooooooky out here there all 🐁 🐁🐁🐁🐁 rats

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