The Art of Reselling: A Numbers Game That Demands Patience & Finesse

Complex News speaks with Supreme enthusiast Racks and sneakerhead Rich “Maze” Lopez about the art of reselling and what makes one item more hype than others.

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31 thoughts on “The Art of Reselling: A Numbers Game That Demands Patience & Finesse

  1. Time , Patience And Belief Is Key To Life. Give It Time , Have Patience And Believe it will happen and it will. To all my resellers you have to start somewhere just as if you were working at McDonald's as an employee and years later your the manger , grind never stop and keep hustling the resell game well never "die out" just due to the fact it's to much money and priority in the world .

  2. Idiot culture.

    Running a lemon stand requires more intellectual depth and ingenuity than the current strategies employed in scalping "hype."

    This nonsense will crash much like the comic book industry did in the '90s.

  3. Culture ain’t the same. And everything hypebeasts fiend for is 80 and 90 babies shit. New stuff will never be classic. We had the whole nyc looking like us and hypebeast Don’t!

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