The Barack Obama Interview | 360 With Speedy Morman

The 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, sat down for an hour-long talk with Speedy at the iconic Ben’s Chili Bowl in Washington, DC while discussing his new memoir ‘A Promised Land.’ We connected on everything from his own experiences with racism, defunding the police, the Covid-19 vaccine and whether or not Donald Trump did anything right during his presidency. We also have a conversation about his comments on hip-hop in last week’s interview with ‘The Atlantic.’ Finally, President Obama pondered whether LeBron will ever reach Michael Jordan’s GOAT status and if he thought Drake was the right man to play him in a movie.

0:00 Intro
17:59 President Obama Reflects On the Media’s Role in Polarization
25:31 Don’t Believe Everything You See on Instagram
27:15 – On the Covid-19 Vaccine
29:24 Trump is Going to Leave the White House
31:38 AOC Can Become President
34:08 President Obama Wouldn’t Defund the Police
36:18 Is Donald Trump Racist?
37:55 President Obama Expands on his Rap Music Comments in The Atlantic interview
46:25 President Obama Gives Drake His Blessing to Play Him in a Biopic
47:05 LeBron vs MJ
51:59 Did Trump Leave the Country Better Off?
54:07 What Has Trump Done Well?

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41 thoughts on “The Barack Obama Interview | 360 With Speedy Morman

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  2. Sory president obama I only Wash USA movies I don't believe tha the movie it real but my niborth on nexdoor don't stop hurrasing he jut left screaming Jesus Cristo , teal he say he it keep saying people , becuese you keep talking to his , Head and the you keeping calling him to teling him so many hate come about any color inclurig Black Africa America people ,I don't kow what to do I just changed the movie because ,maurry niborth nexdor don't stop also insolting he it a hater any way always following me to places and make a big deal if ,we. Bring things color beiges ,I don't know why but any way the carpet are beiges in avey apartment in Indianapiolis Indiana , and I only Wash USA movie I don't have cable to what other shows and I am terrefing f this men I have call the police to many time on this me. But he dose stop ,what sho I do ?he say he want to reor you talki yoe to a supostly privet call he say truly I have never resive a call from you at all but he insisted they have a apartment also in ? On second floor also spying and caliing I don't kow how, and they also treding me with you soul it here so they want to it I have tell the police the prist ,and I have move tv from different places it not loued they jut say this are experiment apartment , KKK they lie I am the onew to cover their ttac oso Maury say

  3. Mixed races of black and white and of brown and white are almost always attractive ……..I do hope more whites are open to marrying blacks and browns ……..jokes aside………racial discrimination definitely is a big No No………..we are all human beings with the same feelings………but that does not mean coloured people must use this against the white race by lying…….this happens quite often these days…….just to get their work done………I am brown skinned and I accept myself for what I am……and admire races more beautiful than me….

  4. Did you mean to say, … The old guy "with" the axle rod "club"? Remember when you were involved in the promotion of tattooing TAYLOR Swift? That was awesome…


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  6. Obama's so sharp. Didn't rush to endorse the Democratic candidate when asked if he would. He knows how big his endorsement of somebody is. He's happy to sit back and see what happens before throwing his name behind somebody

  7. Great interview brother. Started off strong, would love if people stayed away from the hypothetical questions like, if you were born in the 2000s what would you be like.. enjoyed this!!

  8. Obama regime will be remembered as the most lawless President in US history! He fake Russian collusion, failed Southeast Asia Sea, did nothing to stop China from islands under his watch, built cages for immigrants, then blamed Trump, funded Wuhan lab in 2015! Obama Cheated taxpayers with Obamcare website costing $2B more than Trump building the wall, when it should be peanut. Obama is a thief not a president!

  9. This young guy did a better job than any experienced interviewer. He challenged Obama even if Obama is a president and a mega star. He didn't look impressed and Obama clearly enjoys talking to him. He deserves a big show.

  10. Why is it that Michelle is accused of being Micheal and allegedly has a penis…. Is that why obama and Biden push for LGBT and refuse to protect the human rights of women and children?… Illuminati freemason members use the same narratives Biden is now applauding abortion again. Unbelievable and the sheep follow this transgression

  11. Excellent interview. He sounds sooo intelligent. Looks old for that age of 59. My brother is 59 but has no turkey (at all) neck like Obama. I have seen Obama's 60 minute interview. His walking also has become slower for a man of 59. Must exercise more ! Staying home maybe made him do "something" too much. Too much of anything is good for nothing !

  12. The Constitution needs to be rewritten (updated) – a citizen is an American, regardless of their color and entitle to any and all civil/human rights, as a bonafide American in this "United States" of America.

  13. Obama helped CCP to take American Investors for US$2.2 Trillion

    2002 the Enron Scandal took American Investors for $76 Billion. Senator Sarbanes and Congressman Oxley initiated PCAOB to oversee the audits of pubic companies in order to protect investors. There are 217 Chinese companies trading in the US with a total mkt cap of US$2.2 Trillion.
    The Obama Administration's 'Exemption Clause" allowed the Chinese Companies to take American Investors' money without submitting one single audit working paper (binders).
    In the 11th hour of Trump's Presidency, he instructed Jay Clayton to give CCP the best NY's gift, delist 3 of China's tech giants, China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom.
    Too bad America is not smart enough to realize that.

  14. Excellent interview. I really miss seeing Obama at the White House. Whenever he spoke I always felt like we had a president who was in control. With Trump, I got indigestion.

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