The Best Rap Verses of 2018 So Far

We’re only half way through 2018, but we’ve already had an eventful year as far as rap goes. We’ve seen a ton of releases from hip-hop’s biggest figures and even more from some of the games’ newer talent. But right now, we’re focusing on the essence, the building blocks, the foundation. We’re talking bars, and mores specifically rap verses. Here are the 10 best rap verses from artists like Drake, Pusha T, Jay-Z and more.

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47 thoughts on “The Best Rap Verses of 2018 So Far

  1. Did u really put bickenhead in the top 10 verses. Come on man on a list like this u have to have substance. People who do not understand music would choose that, and I know u know music , that is a commercial choice smh

  2. “I wasn’t hiding my kid from the world I was hiding the world from my kid” that verse shoulda been on here as a matter of fact redo this whole trash ass list

  3. This list was trash. They tried to put Roc and Black Thought in there to make them seem knowledgeable but really that Beyonce verse was not that good nor was the Cardi verse. Beyonce doesn't rap for a reason but respect for Blue Laces 2.

  4. If you gone put a cardi verse on there at least go with the “backing it up” verse… BeyoncĂ© verse was trash. Hussle has better verses on that album, pusha had better verses on Daytona, and why wasn’t jay z – what’s free verse on there and Meeks verse on trauma

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