The Breakfast Club Classic – Kanye West Interview 2013

In this now classic 2013 interview Kanye West stopped by the Breakfast Club to be grilled by Charlamagne Tha God. As much as DJ Envy and Angela Yee tried to keep the interview on it’s tracks Charalamagne just kept getting under Kanye’s skin. He started things off by welcoming him as Kanye Kardashian. He also told him he hated Yeesuz and that he is very contradictory.

Watch the interview for some classic quotes, his relationship with the paparazzi, Kim Karadashian being more relevant that Michelle Obama, how Yeesuz was received and much more.

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46 thoughts on “The Breakfast Club Classic – Kanye West Interview 2013

  1. He's so ahead of his time …
    He had to breathe in … because he was bringing high vibration to low vibration …
    In this realm… money does = freedom

    Remember … Disney land is just another place …that was created to make us think we are free …

  2. I agree with everything he saying! Louis Vuitton is openly racist and black people still buy their product because it’s expensive. But my favorite thing is when he had that meeting with Donald Trump then went and voted for himself. 🤣🤣

  3. Man this interview is all substance from kayne he's just talking about knowing our worth and believing in your so much you SHOULD get what your owed you cant deny his buisness mind money is power and kayne understands that

  4. This interview is a perfect case study on why successful Black people move away from their folks. Not that we don't love our folks, but if he listened to their advice……

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