The Cast of Superfly Discuss Its Cultural Impact, Working with Future and Rick Ross

Director X took on the task of re-imagining the 1970s cult classic SuperFly with a 2018 twist and the cast of the new film spoke with Complex’s Pierce Simpson about the film’s expectations, working with rappers and the nuances of re-creating a classic.

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25 thoughts on “The Cast of Superfly Discuss Its Cultural Impact, Working with Future and Rick Ross

  1. I went to this Film expecting to walk out but I was Thrilled and engaged everything made sense to me all the Cliches over exaggerations, Flexing and what not was all well done I left the Cinema Satisfied, Entertained and Inspired even.

  2. The movie was surprisingly amazing! There are a lot of remakes popping up lately that are trash, but the cast, crew, and director did the 1972 original justice. I would classify Superfly as a new age must-see for this new generation.

  3. DON'T WATCH THE MOVIE.. it portrays black men as criminals. Where are the black success movies? Or black inspiration movies like the pursuit of happiness?

  4. I would rather have a sequel to Coming to America than this ghetto b’s. Same ole stereotypical, drug dealing, playa, sex crazed black man. Ole bootleg, Walmart great value’s brand Jame bond nigga. Mixed in with some garbage juice trap music of today. How lovely.

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