The Dolan Twins Take Laughing Gas & Film The Hysterical Aftermath!

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The Dolan Twins just got the ride of their lives on some hospital happy gas… and what happened after was extremely hysterical and epic!

What’s up guys it’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and what happens when you mix a couple of youtubers, identical twins nonetheless, with some hardcore surgery drugs? A whole lotta

In the video that the twins posted Tuesday, Ethan and Grayson said that they both needed to undergo surgery for deviated septums that they’ve had since they were kids.

FYI, I feel you, I have this exact same problem but I’m terrified of going under the knife. But the boys on happy gas is making me feel a little bit excited about it… I gotta admit.

Anyway, Grayson was born with his, and Ethan, well,

But if you thought that this might have been a nice bonding experience for the two of them, well, you thought wrong

But no matter how delirious they got, they still made some good points

Fans of the Dolan Twins got to see a whole different side of them – and some learned a thing or two about their favorite youtubers

One person said “This weeks video proved to me that Grayson would be hard to handle if he was drunk and Ethan would be chill”

Another said “ethan was literally the sweetest in yesterday’s video, grayson just wanted to shake those hips”

Well luckily the surgery went well and the boys got to go home.

And while Ethan was straight off to bed, Grayson gave us a little dance

Soo what did you think of this hilarious happy gas video? Post-surgery would you be more of an Ethan or a Grayson? I gotta say I’m siding with sleepy Ethan on this one. Let me know who you are in the comments below.

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