The Duffer Brothers Break Down Stranger Things’ Biggest Moments | GQ

Stranger Things co-creators Matt and Ross Duffer go through the show’s biggest moments. From Will’s abduction to when Eleven flipped over the van, Matt and Ross explain what went into each of these iconic moments.

Stranger Things season 3 is streaming now on Netflix:

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The Duffer Brothers Break Down Stranger Things’ Biggest Moments | GQ


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38 thoughts on “The Duffer Brothers Break Down Stranger Things’ Biggest Moments | GQ

  1. lol Plus I really enjoyed hearing the Brothers explain away eleven's sister and how she wasn't an absolute waste of time for an entire episode to be dedicated towards and then never touched on again; like I don't think she's going to be in the series finale of season 4.

  2. Can we talk about the Eleven screams Millie pulls off so amazingly when she defeats the Demogorgon, closes the Gate, and kills the Mind Flayer in all three seasons? Do you know how hard it is to scream in the way she did without sounding ridiculous or breaking character? Millie not only did that, but she DELIVERED it.

  3. Remember in season 3 will destroyed castle Byers… Well what i want to happen is; since the party misses will they go to castle Byers and find that it is ruined. And they move some pieces of wood and see that there pictures are torn apart. Then they feel bad and say to each other that they should've played D&D with Will and should've been better friends to him.

  4. My theories:
    'American' is Brenner – that's how Russians know about the Upside Down
    Hopper jumped into the Upside down – in scenes when 'key' was exploding, we don't see him
    El lost her powers because she will check if Hopper is still alive

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