The Evolution of Bounce, From “Triggaman” to “Nice for What”

New Orleans’ unique brand of hip-hop, bounce music, is once again having a moment in the spotlight after Drake gave the world his spin on the sound in his new hit song “Nice for What” and Cardi B sampled DJ Jimi’s classic “Reply” on her song “Bickenhead.”

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26 thoughts on “The Evolution of Bounce, From “Triggaman” to “Nice for What”

  1. New Orleans made the word twerk that was disrespect when he said he don't know who made the word. You wanna know about bounce music get it from somebody from New Orleans not this clown.

  2. I guess this is what happens when a white person visits New Orleans for the first time and experience Bounce music and they're like what the "F" is this? and they got to get to the bottom of it so they do their research like most people don't or most black people don't and then they make a video I actually learned something here and my baby mama listen to this s*** every Saturday SMH

  3. Great video! Go to complex magazine and read all the articles Complex has done on bounce and New Orleans. Great work on the evolution. Of bounce. Good job considering time constraints etc. 💯💯💯💯🎹

  4. The most successful Bounce group is New Orleans is Partners in Crime, and yall didn't even mention them… this entire video is trash… Yeah, some of what you said is true, but the history is totally incomplete without even name dropping PnC… a few of the people yall mentioned never was given a chance in the bounce circle, but the absolute best of them all isn't mention… GTFOHWTBS 🤦🏾‍♂️

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