The Fall of 8Chan in the Wake of Yet Another US Mass Shooting

Another week and yet another horrific mass shooting in the United States. First on August 3rd in El Paso, Texas where 22 people were killed in a Wal-Mart and then 13 hours later in Dayton, Ohio that killed 9 and injured another 26 people.

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40 thoughts on “The Fall of 8Chan in the Wake of Yet Another US Mass Shooting

  1. Shutting down websites is like throwing a band aid on a gaping wpund. How come facebook hasn't been shut down? It has had its fair share of live videos that they should've been on top of. These killers will just start moving to more public websites, but will still some how carry out their evil intentions.

  2. The only way out of mass shootings, more guns and freer laws. If someone starts to shoot.. what the fuck are you supposed to do???? RUN?? Are you stupid?? Just return fire, bam case closed! Why take my guns?? Why take my shit because there were irresponsible people who don’t respect or protect their lives in a state by far more susceptible to shootings than mine! I’m tired of this shit. In my state no one wants to break in cause everyone and their mama has a rifle or a shot gun. I just don’t get it man, you can’t get rid of guns, and if you try you will only make it impossible for abiding citizens ability to own them, NOT a criminal… I’m pissed at how idiotic people have become about this topic. I love this country but god damn, what a bunch of retards.

  3. 8chan is @realDonaldTrump favourite website… when white supremacist can post trumps Racist rhetoric on this website, Trump has his limp cocktail weenie out ( not to mention His SMALL HANDS) wishing he could grab his STD Cocktail weenie.

  4. “He wrote it himself with a language similar used by the president of the United States”” what’s that English??? Bro this guys a lame!!! TRUMP 2020!

  5. TBH there were a few good things on 8chan but it did have to be sorted on the very open an publicly seen toxicity it wasn't even like it was hidden all it took was a click or two and you saw it there almost front and center

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