The Game’s Music Royalties Seized To Pay Off $7M Sexual Assault Lawsuit

LOS ANGELES, CA – The Game is going to be out of roughly $7 million soon. According to The Blast, a Los Angeles judge granted a motion brought by Priscilla Rainey, allowing her to collect The Game’s music royalties until $7,130,100 million plus post-judgment interest is paid off.

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49 thoughts on “The Game’s Music Royalties Seized To Pay Off $7M Sexual Assault Lawsuit

  1. This is what happens when you are trying to do the most. When you are trying to be extra and thirsty you attract people like you. The game has shit on tons of people some who helped him get to where he is. Now somebody did the same to him.

  2. so she goes to what she thinks is a "mandatory" after work date, with no panties on…. i mean did she think it was "mandatory" to not wear panties as well?

  3. She look like the type that a hold on to a but stain in her dress for years and then when the money get low. It's he assaulted me. Totally disrespecting women who have really been assaulted. It's the new hustle. Dress like a hoe. Act like a hoe. But when its time to do hoe shit. It's wait. I'm not that type of girl. I need 7 mil first… ugh

  4. What happened was this fool failed to respond to the original complaint so a default judgment was rendered.; his slip up.

  5. I am sorry, if you been sexually abused and you go after money, then I do not believe you. If you ever known a real sexual abuse victim, the very last thing on there mind is money. Also even those that receive money do not accept it or of they do they do not spend it.

    After everything that man has been through he doesn't need bitches pulling him down. I just hope this is truly bullshit. Too much of this shit happening as well.

  6. This is why I stay away from a lot of bitches that can seem trouble If i get one iffy vibe I stay away even how delicious she looks even if I was rich too only stick around with women you actually know by heart that arent like hoes gold diggers or will try to get a lawsuit on you for me I personally like being low key where no one can locate me haha

  7. Why should she get 7 mil? There are women out there thats been raped, drugged and forced into prostitution, then gotten way less than that.

    She should just get a part of that money, and the rest should go to organizations aimed at helping rape victims.

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