The Golden State Warriors Owner is Talking Cash Sh#t Again

The Golden State Warriors have won three of the past four NBA titles—and, if we’re being real, they should have won the last four. But somehow the team managed to get even better this summer, adding center DeMarcus Cousins on a one-year, $5.3 million deal. Furthermore, the Warriors are “still really hungry,” according to team owner Joe Lacob.

In an interview with The Athletic, Lacob spoke on the backlash he and the team faced after acquiring Boogie.

“There’s a lot of market inefficiencies in the NBA,” Lacob said of the system that allowed Golden State to add the four-time All-Star. “Other teams could have gotten Cousins, but they didn’t. There’s always going to be some sort of opportunity, some inefficiency, I believe.”

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37 thoughts on “The Golden State Warriors Owner is Talking Cash Sh#t Again

  1. "Cash Shit"?! Lmao no wonder my team is killing yours. Is he suppose to speak on how lucky we were signing Cousins?! And how complacent the team is now that another title seems imminent..LMAO! I swear Complex is a company based around sensitive ass feelings lmao. DUBS on top bitch. N its going to stay that way. *You cool as hell tho Papa Jynx a.k.a Pierce

  2. What is the shit talking?this is why you complex get few views . you want to turn into this trash liberal news where someone says " im Hungry" and you report " he is hungry for a chick "

  3. How’s that shit talking? Even though the warriors are overpowered, that don’t mean he was shit talking. And if that was shit talking, then that was the nicest shit talking I’ve ever heard lol

  4. The title of this video is deceiving. He was just explaining how they aren’t doing anything anyone else couldn’t have done. They drafted 80% of their players. Only signed 1 marquee free agent (prior to cousins) which was Durant. And still farming the draft system with players like Looney, McClaw, Jordan Bell, Cooks, etc. now it only makes a different with other teams is because the Warriors actually have smart minded people running their business. Unlike other teams that seem to just draft players because the media tells them too.

  5. You better believe that GS is not stopping keeping their core together after this year. They want to reach Bulls status of 6 rings at least.

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