The History of Rap’s Divisive Relationship With The Grammys

Since the introduction of rap categories at the Grammys in 1989, the Recording Academy has had a rough history with the genre. Today, strides are being made to reflect music’s most popular genre on music’s biggest night. The 61st annual Grammys air Sunday, Feb. 10 at 8 PM ET / 5 PM PT.

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39 thoughts on “The History of Rap’s Divisive Relationship With The Grammys

  1. Good kid maad city losing to the heist is an absolute joke. MBDTF is one of the soundest most well produced albums ever. There was not an album in 2015 better than To Pimp a Butterfly. thanks for coming to my uh thing

  2. I don't like the super casual outfits. In my personal opinion, Natasha shouldn't be allowed to wear crop tops at work because they wouldn't let their male hosts come on shirtless. If the male hosts come in dressed up appropriately each episode, then I expect the same from Natasha. I also felt the need to post this comment because I feel like she's wearing those outfits to please the horny losers in the comments section, but it's not helping the reputation or views of this channel.. 😑

  3. If was dumb to post this too soon because now you could’ve added the Grammys cutting off drakes mic after he said you don’t need one to be considered a winner.

  4. Black people, y'all need to stop putting on a pedestal those White validation awards because you'll never be good in their eyes because of your visible Blackness. Even when White people are nominated in alleged "Black categories", they'll manage to be voted as the winners because, in those old White people's eyes, their own people are inherently better than you'll ever be, even when you guys are clearly way above them.

  5. Kanye has been up for aoty 4 times but lost every time although he took home the rap one. Eminem is the Bestselling Artist of the 21st Century, Worldwide, and although he has 6 albums with Grammys he's lost aoty every time. Drake, Kendrick and Gambino all turned down performing this year. And Cardi's is the only rap album nominated for aoty. Drake, Posts and Kendrick's aren't considered rap.

  6. Raps divisiveness? …you culture vultures fucks.. It's the Grammys divisiveness not Raps. All the white rappers stole the hiphop sound in the Grammys is embracing it. But didn't when blacks & Puerto Rican had the hiphop charts on fire. Fuck them maggots! Check Post Mallone"s IG ain't nothing but racist kids on his page. Foh!!

  7. I swear niggas b dumb as fuck Hip hop has been mainstream for 30 years but yet we still look for approval from people or corporations who know nothing or respect our culture. We should of been had our own prestige award and im not talkin BET thats minor. And we wonder why the grammys aint respecting our greats Pac, biggie, Nas, Jay Z, Snoop? Cause that aint our shit. We got all this money but no brains, or real unity

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