The Most Disappointing NBA Players This Season

The beginning of every NBA season brings a broad swath of expectations for both individual players and collective teams. Those expectations carry quite a bit of weight, and to an extent can matter much more than objective success. If you’re exceeding expectations, you’re doing great. If you’re not quite getting there, you might be the target of endless Twitter roasting, and sometimes even more severe consequences.

These expectations are why the Cavs, despite being 31-22 and No. 3 in the East, were in a state of disarray and panic before basically doing a full-on rebuild in two hours at the deadline. But the Sixers, who are just hanging on to the eighth and final playoff spot in the conference at .500, are one of the feel-good stories of this NBA season.

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46 thoughts on “The Most Disappointing NBA Players This Season

  1. you cant call someone who was deliberately injured by a dirty trash player from the warriors a disappointment kawhi has been fighting to get to the court out of pure passion this is adding fuel to the fire FUCK YOU FRAZIER AND COMPLEX FOR TAINTING HIS NAME

  2. most disappointing addition to complex , and don't forget that you guys literally report about anything that happens under the fucking sun 😂 so don't talk shit about my NBA son. THIS NIGGA CANT EVEN PRONOUNCE BUH-TOOM

  3. I'm a big fan of Complex ,but I believe they made this video for views. Like many of the comments below …Fultoz deadass played through an injury and Lenard has only played NINE games sorry that's not enough for your fanasty team lmao. Carmelo is just aging it's natural he's not a LeBron he's just a skilled player who's aging. None of these guys I believe are a disappointment . They just are having obstacles in the way this season.

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